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6 Best Long Distance Gift Ideas Mom Will Love

Mother's Day in 2021 is looking like the second consecutive year of celebrating Moms around the world from a distance. As the pandemic continues to impede international travel for most of the world, it is a good choice to gift copper as your long distance Mother's Day gift for your Mom. 

In this gift guide, we are sharing 6 best long distance gift ideas for your Mom that shows you are thinking about her, as well as giving her the gift of well-being she will definitely appreciate due to the oligodynamic benefits of using copperwareduring these times. 

If you're lucky enough to spend Mother's Day in person with your mom this year, these long distance gift ideas will also inspire you to give her a heartwarming, personalized gift. 

Quick Guide To Best Mother's Day Gift From A Distance

Before we dive into the 6 best copper gifts for Mom, there are a few categories of our hand hammered copperware you can consider customizing to make your very own unique Mother's Day gift. 

Depending on your Mom's personality and hobbies, you can get inspiration from our Ultimate Mother's Day gift guide for 2020 here

Here are some ideas for the different types of Moms that are the unsung heroes we should definitely celebrate in style this Mother's Day:

7 Best Long Distance Gift Ideas Mom Will Love

1. Niagara Copper Water Dispenser

One of our most beloved copper pieces, our Niagara Copper Water Dispenser is more than just any regular gift---it is definitely the gift that keeps giving. As drinking copper water helps to promote and strengthen the immune system, this long distance gift for Mom will help ensure her well-being and continuous health. 

If you're planning to personalize your gift, be sure to choose customization or monogramming at check out. 

Don't take our word for how much our Niagara Copper Water Dispenser is loved! Check out all of the raving reviews for it here:

2. Copper Mixing Bowls

If you are really unsure which of our handmade copper goods will be suitable for your Mom, our Copper Mixing Bowls are a safe but sturdy choice! From our basic hand-held Copper Mixing Bowls to our 6 quart KitchenAid Professional 6500 Mixer Copper Bowl, it is easy to see the appeal. 

Both are made from 100% pure recycled copper and are hand hammered into its unique shiny copper glow. When your Mom receives this long distance Mother's Day gift, just holding it in her hands and beholding it is a spectacular view in itself. Your Mom will be very excited to start using it in the kitchen as soon as possible.

3. Permian Copper Jam Pans


If your Mom loves baking and is always making sweet treats in the kitchen, our new Permian Copper Jam Pans will be the perfect long distance gift for Mom! 

These traditional copper cooking pots are used throughout the world for making jam, polenta, caramel, confections, atole, confit or deep frying. Mom will definitely LOVE this heavy-gauge cookware on her home stovetop, as our ergonomic handles on the jam pans are shaped for ultra comfort!

Available in 3 sizes, including 4 quart, 2.25 quart and 1 quart. Made for Mom's specialized cooking needs, this incredibly durable and functional copper cookware piece will definitely last her for years to come.

4. Apa Copper Cup


Looking for a smaller but significant Mother's Day gift? From our Ayurveda copperware series, our Apa Copper Cup is essentially a water cup as "Apa" literally means H2O.

Our Apa Copper Cup is the perfect daily drinking cup to go along with our Niagara Copper Water Dispenser. Holding this pure copper cup in your hands, you will definitely feel its substantial weight. Your Mom will not only appreciate the unique beauty of this handmade copper cup, she will also reap plenty of health benefits from drinking copper water daily. 

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In short, our Apa Copper Cup is another gift that keeps giving but in a much smaller form compared to our Niagara Water Dispenser. If you would like to give Mom a whole set, our Copper Ayurveda Water Set is another great choice. 

5. Copper Kitchen Canisters

Our gorgeous Copper Kitchen Canisters make an elegant gift set any Mom with a kitchen will love! From organising her spices, keeping her coffee beans fresh for longer to just storing flour, our handcrafted Copper Kitchen Canisters go great with any type of kitchen. Made to be used, mused AND last for generations, your Mom can even pass these own to her grandchildren as an heirloom gift. 

You can choose from our various sets here for your one of a kind Mom:

6. Bisotun Copper Water Pitcher 

Last but not least, our Bisotun Copper Water Pitcher is truly something to behold! Your Mom can use it as her daily water pitcher, or even as a vase if that pleases her. This handmade copper kitchen accessory is multi-purpose, as well as carrying traditional customs with it.

Traditionally prized for copper’s unique properties of purification, healing and keeping water cool, our Bisotun Copper Water Pitcher adds elegance and health to our planet’s most precious resource--water.

Happy Mother's Day To All Moms Worldwide!

Which copper good in this gift guide will be your choice for a Mother's Day gift in 2021? We would LOVE to know which ones you love to give as gifts for mom and why!