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Customized 7th Copper Anniversary Gifts For Him

Looking for customizable 7th copper anniversary gifts to mark your 7th year wedding anniversary? In the U.S., copper symbolizes the strength, beauty and warmth of the married couple with 7 years of wedded bliss. 

In addition, copper's malleable nature also reflects the love of the married couple, as well as its conductivity that symbolizes the warmth between them.

If you're looking to mark this special occasion with your loved one, look no further than Sertodo Copper’s customized hand hammered copper goods.

With hand hammered precision and handmade with intention, our copper goods make long-lasting and elegant gifts that continue to give in years to come. You can also go the extra mile with customization by requesting we do monogramming and engraving for you!

To help you choose the best anniversary gifts for him, we have selected copper goods that complement the unique passions of your main man below.

Best Customizable Sertodo Copper Anniversary Gifts For The Serious Connoisseur And Cocktail Lover

When it comes to customization for your 7th wedding anniversary gift, you can choose from monograming initials, text or to have Sertodo Copper's logo engraved. You can learn more about our custom engraving here

1. Copper Boston Shaker Set

When it comes to making the perfect cocktail, our engravable Copper Boston Shaker Set is the essential tool for the cocktail lover. 

Whether it is for the serious connoisseur or professional bartender, this hand hammered copper bar essential with  one 18-oz cup that seats and seals into the other 30-oz cup for great mixing results.

Made from heavy gauge pure copper of 100% recycled sources, this sustainable gift is made to be used, last long and look good. Personalize this copper bar tool further with his initials to make a one-of-a-kind gift he will love for years to come!

Customized Copper Boston Shaker Set

Shop Copper Boston Shaker Set

2. Copper Martini Set

Treat your special occasions to something truly spectacular – our Copper Martini Set! If your special someone loves nothing better than unwinding with a glass of martini at the end of the day, this is just the perfect 7th copper anniversary gift for him.

These sleek beauties won't just turn heads, they'll keep your drinks colder for longer. Plus, their high-quality copper construction ensures they'll last your loved one through 7th wedding anniversaries and beyond.

Whether he's hosting a cocktail party or just enjoying a drink solo, these stylish martini glasses are sure to elevate your favorite libations. Ask us to customize with text, logo or initials engraving at checkout to customize this gift further.

Boston Copper Shaker Set Customizable


Shop Copper Martini Set


3. Customizable Espadín Petit Copper Hip Flask

Looking for a unique gift that combines his love for cocktails and stylish flasks? Consider our elegant, tin-lined Espadín Petit Copper Hip Flask!  

Shop Copper Boston Shaker Set

When he pulls out this beautifully crafted flask, pass it around and savor a special moment with his mates, he’ll be the source of envy of everyone around him.

Combining modern technology with traditional hand hammering techniques, this unique copper flask can also be further customized with custom engraving . Shop our wide range of customized handmade copper flasks here to find the perfect style for him.

Best Customized Copper Anniversary Gifts For The Wellness Enthusiast

Here at Sertodo Copper, we are proud of our workmanship and all the hard work that goes into making your hand hammered copper goods that will improve your lives. On top of that, we also embrace the Ayurveda way of life when it comes to all things copper water, as well as zero waste practices for your home such as composting

If your sweetheart is a true wellness warrior and lover of all things health and wellness, these are the best customizable copper anniversary gifts he will be delighted to receive.

4. Customizable Copper Kitchen Compost Canisters

This hand crafted and engravable Copper Kitchen Compost Canister isn't just a practical kitchen accessory, it's a beautiful piece of functional art. Made from high quality and 100% recycled sources of copper, this bin adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen while keeping your compost odor-free.

A perfect customizable 7th anniversary gift for him, celebrate your love and commitment for years to come when you gift hime one of these beauties!

Engravable Copper Kitchen Compost Bins

5. Apa Copper Cup

Discover the beauty and functionality of the Hand Hammered Copper Water Cup and make it an unforgettable customized anniversary gift for the special man in your life.

Engrave these gorgeous hammered copper cups with his initials or our company's logo, your other half will cherish this unique 7th anniversary gift for years to come.

Copper water cup

Shop Copper Boston Shaker Set

Best Copper Gifts For The Avid Entertaininer

If you're shopping for anniversary gifts for the gracious host and entertainer, our complete line of copper catering equipment is made to delight professionals and amateur alike.

6. The Copper Verdigris Oyster Tray

Looking for a special gift that speaks volumes about your love and appreciation? Our stunning Customized Copper Verdigris Oyster Tray is the answer!

This unique and luxurious piece is handmade by our hardworking artisans, making it the perfect personalized present for your significant other.

Let's dive into the beauty and allure of this one-of-a-kind anniversary gift! This copper entertaining piece is customizable with text, monogram or our logo. Be sure to choose custom engraving at checkout.

Copper Verdigris Oyster Tray

7. Copper Thessaly Oval Platter

No party is complete without serving up finger foods or hors d’oeuvres! Add this delightful hand-hammered copper Thessaly Round Platter to the chafing dish above and he’ll have the complete set to entertain guests at all times.

Thessaly Copper Oval Platter 

Shop Copper Boston Shaker Set

With its intimate glow and dazzling shine, this beautiful copper platter is a stunning display for any kitchen table.

Various sizes and customization available for this gorgeous platter, including 22" large customized round platters, 18" medium customized round platters and 14" small customized round platters.

More Customizable Copper Anniversary Gift Ideas

With these 7 unique copper anniversary gift ideas, you can be sure of finding delightful anniversary gifts for your special one. If you still need more copper gift inspiration, check out our customized copper gifts here to find the perfect gift for him!

Customizable engraving text logo or monogram

Want a Sertodo Copper Engraved Item? Get Yours Now! 

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